Sunday, August 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Tyson

Tyson turned 14 on August 10.  He is growing up so fast.  He was ordained to the office of Teacher in the Priesthood.  Tyson loves sports, especially soccer.  He is very dedicated to whatever it is he is involved in.  I am always impressed with his focus and dedication.  A day doesn't go by that he hasn't made our family laugh.  He knows how to have fun and we love him!

We started his big day with Breakfast in bed and presents.  He requested "A lot of orange rolls."  Usually when I make them they can only have two each and he wanted to eat as many as he wanted. 

 Tyson is getting a new bedroom so his gifts were mainly stuff to go in his new Manchester United bedroom.  He also got a new cell phone.  I don't like my kids having cell phones, but with all of his sports, ect. he needed one so I know where he is and when he needs to be picked up.  The kids got him FIFA 2014, but it won't be out until September so he just got a rain check.

 Tyson posing in his birthday shirt.  This is the pose he has been doing a lot lately. 

For dinner he chose Texas Roadhouse.  He ordered the 24 oz. bone in ribeye, it was a lot of steak!  Jeff had to split it with him, but he said it was his best steak.  We came back to the house for an ice cream cake.   My kids have decided they get to light their own candles for their cake.

He wanted to go see a movie as a family that night so we went to the late showing of Planes.  It was a pretty good movie.

Tyson had a friend party yesterday with his friend Miller since they were born 8 days apart.  We barbequed hamburgers and hot dogs, they swam and had an air soft gun war.  I forgot to get pictures, but they all had a good time.  Tyson has been blessed with a great group of friends.  They all enjoy playing sports together and they are all nice boys.  We are so blessed to have Tyson in our family!  Happy Birthday Tyson.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Great Midwest

We took a trip to the great Midwest this summer.  We started off driving through the Ozarks to Branson, Missouri.  We drove through some places where Jeff served his mission.  It was fun to see all the trees and hills, but it we all agreed we like to be able to see out more.

Our first day in Branson we went to Silver Dollar City Amusement Park. 
There were only four big rides in the park, but Ryan and Abigail were tall enough for two of them, so it was fun to get to go on some rides as a whole family.  There were also no lines so we were able to ride them over and over again.  We rode Thunderation at least five times.  We were able to watch a dog show while we were there and see the champion cloggers. 


This was an old fashion ride, you pulled yourself up the pully and then let go and went down.  It was a lot of work for not much thrill.

Ryan and Abigail were waiting for the older kids to go on the Big Barn Swing
 Everyone enjoyed milking the cow.  There are not many amusement parks where you can milk a cow.

Ryan laughing at Tyson who had just gotten wet in the river ride

 Not only could you milk cows, but you could also hula hoop.

 Near the entrance to the park there was a cave you could go tour.  It was about an hour tour of a big underground cave.  It was very interesting, and we had a very entertaining tour guide which always makes it nice.
The view from the top looking down to where we were going.

The waterfall at the bottom of the cave.

 Driving around Branson was an interesting experience.  There are a lot of over-sized statues of random things.  Here are two we have pictures of, but there were many more!
The Giant Chicken

The Giant Ronald Regan statue
 On day two we started out at the Titanic Museum.  It was an interesting museum where you were given a card with someones name on it and information on their life before boarding the Titanic.  At the end of the museum you get to see if your person survived or not.  All of us except Jeff survived.  There was no photography allowed in the museum and it was raining outside so we have no photos from the museum.

Our next stop was the Todd Oliver show.  Todd is a ventriloquist who uses his real dog as the "puppet."  He was pretty amazing.  Our favorite part was when he used two people from the audience for his "puppets." 

Ryan and Justin got to go up on stage

Getting a picture with Irving, the talking dog, during intermission

Getting Todd Oliver's autograph

Next we played a round of miniature golf.  We were amazed at how many miniature golf courses there were around town. 

 The weather was beautiful the whole trip, never above 85, and we were thankful!  You can tell from these two pictures, even with cool weather, the humidity made us sweat!!

Justin just shot a hole in one.

Our last show of the day was a magic show.  The magician did a lot of illusions which were amazing. It was our favorite show of the trip, unfortunately I have no photos of this!

Our last morning before driving up to Kansas City was spent kayaking.  We were able to go to a beautiful lake, and once again the weather was perfect.  The lake water was quite warm, and everyone loved it.  The only mishap of the trip was when Justin and I were trading kayaks so he could go with Jeff and have a break.  When I jumped over to get into his kayak I forgot my cell phone was on my lap and it fell into the lake.  We looked for quite a while, but could not find it.  I spent the rest of the trip with no phone!

 The funniest thing that happened was when we were coming back and Abigail saw a spider in the kayak, she screamed and immediately jumped over board.  She would not get back in until the spider was gone.  Abigail has a huge fear of spiders and bugs!

We changed our clothes and headed to Kansas City, MO.  Jeff, Tyson, and Justin had tickets to the MLS All-Star game.  They were playing AS Roma.  The rest of us went to the Crown Center to shop, but it actually closed at 6:00 so we just hung out at the motel and swam the rest of the night.  Meanwhile the boys were having a wonderful time at the soccer game.  Tyson said it was the best game he has ever been to.

The next day in Kansas City we went and did the church history sites.  We started at Independence where we toured the visitor center.

Our next stop was Liberty Jail

Next we went to Far West. Justin gave a report on it, and we stopped for a picnic lunch.

One of the original cornerstones.

After a series of dirt roads, we arrived at Hans Mill.
This pole was the only thing to indicate that we were at Han's Mill. It was in the middle of nowhere.

Lastly, we visited Adam-Ondi-Ahman. Emily and Abigail did a report on this one.

 That night we went in search of the Lucky Wild Boar. A friend had told us that we had to rub the lucky pig's nose in the Plaza. She said it was good luck. Unfortunately, the Plaza was bigger than we expected, so it took us a while to finally find it, but we succeeded! We also did a little shopping while we were there.

The next day we went to museums. We started out with the Negro League Baseball Museum. Tyson and Jeff especially enjoyed this one.
We went to the WWI Museum next.

We rode to the top of the memorial. The height made Tyson nervous, but the view was amazing.

The museum was really interesting, but it was also pretty big. By the time we were done, the younger kids were through with museums, so we went to the NCAA Basketball Experience/ Hall of Fame. It was very interactive and everyone had a lot of fun.

There was a dunking exhibit where the hoops were only 7 feet, so everyone had fun trying to dunk.

The only BYU player we could find in the hall of fame.
We headed home the next day. We had a wonderful time in Missouri, but it is always good to be home.